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Budget 2010 Video Transcripts

  • Introduction
  • Reducing Deficit
  • Jobs

Budget 2010 Speech – Introduction

Hello, I’m Jim Flaherty, Canada’s Minister of Finance.

In 2009 the US financial crisis triggered a global recession and job losses for many Canadians.

But thanks to Canada’s Economic Action Plan, our economy is recovering and jobs are returning.

Canada’s performance remains ahead of the international pack. However, we must stay the course.

The recovery remains fragile. Too many Canadians remain without work.

In Budget 2010, our government is delivering $19 billion in new stimulus under the Economic Action Plan.

This support will help solidify our recovery, creating jobs and growth, for today and for the future.

The Budget also lays out a clear, three-point plan to reduce deficits and maintain Canada’s fiscal health as the economic recovery becomes certain.

To see how Budget 2010 is helping Canadian families and businesses, consult the addresses on your screen.

Thank you.

Budget 2010 Video - Reducing Deficit

Hello, I'm Jim Flaherty, Canada's Minister of Finance.

Our strong national finances helped shelter Canada from the worst of the global recession. Today, Canada remains in the best fiscal situation of the major developed nations.

But for our government, a return to balanced budgets is a key to our long-term economic plan.

Budget 2010 outlines a three—point plan for reducing the deficit, once our economic recovery is certain.

First, we will wind down the extraordinary stimulus spending of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, on time and as scheduled.

Second, we will take targeted measures to restrain the growth in government spending in the future.

And third, we are launching a detailed review of government spending on administration and overhead.

Our plan will not raise taxes, or cut spending on health care, education or support for seniors.

Our plan will cut the deficit in half in two years, and by two-thirds in three years, keeping our finances ahead of the curve internationally.

To learn more about our deficit plan, consult the addresses on your screen.

Thank you.

Budget 2010 Video – Jobs

Hello, I’m Jim Flaherty, Canada’s Minister of Finance.

Canada’s Economic Action Plan is our country’s response to the deepest global recession in 60 years.

We introduced it last year as a two-year plan to create and maintain jobs and foster growth, both for today and tomorrow.

Budget 2010 implements year two of the plan, to help solidify our economic recovery.

The Plan is helping Canadians find work, upgrade their skills and advance their careers.

It is creating the right conditions for economic growth, investment and job creation.

It lowers business taxes, reduces red tape and eliminates tariffs that drive up costs for manufacturers and consumers.

It invests in research and innovation, and takes action to help Canadian businesses access new markets around the world.

The Action Plan is helping Canada compete and lead in the evolving global economy.

Visit the addresses on your screen to learn more about the Economic Action Plan and how it is helping to build a stronger Canadian economy.

Thank you.