The diagram summar izes proposed key improvements to the review process for major economic projects.

Under the existing process, there is diffuse accountability across more than 40 departments and agencies and timelines are not fixed for all projects.  Under the proposed process, responsibility for reviews would be consolidated and beginning-to-end timelines would be fixed as follows: panel r eviews: 24 months, National Energy Board h earings: 18 months, and standard environmental assessments: 12 months.

Under the existing process, there is overlap and duplication across federal and provincial governments.  Under the proposed process, there would be authority to recognize provincial environmental assessments as a substitute for, or equivalent to, federal environmental assessments. Also, decision-making for some permits would be transferred between federal departments and to other jurisdictions.

Finally, under the existing process, there are inconsistent approaches to Aboriginal consultation.  Under the proposed process, Aboriginal consultation would be integrated into project reviews, there would a designated lead federal coordinator for reviews, and there would be coordinated federal-provincial consultation of Aboriginal peoples.