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in the WorldInternational leadership in support of peace, security and economic growth

Expanding Immigration

Canadians are known for their generosity, compassion and acceptance. In part, this is because Canada’s cultural diversity and economic vitality have been enriched as more people have chosen Canada as their home. This year, the Government intends to admit 300,000 new permanent residents—the highest in over a hundred years when people were fleeing the hardships and conflicts that led to the First World War.

Canada’s diversity and connections to the world are among its greatest assets and contribute to growing the middle class. We all benefit by welcoming people to Canada to create better lives for themselves and their families.

Budget 2016 proposes to reduce processing times and make family reunification a priority of Canada’s immigration system. In addition, Budget 2016 proposes to increase funding for settlement programs to better welcome newcomers to their new home in Canada.

While Canada is being strengthened by people from around the world seeking a new life, outside threats remain a reality. To mitigate those threats, the Government will work to safeguard the health and safety of all Canadians, and promote security and stability globally.

The Government is also taking steps to return Canada to its place on the world stage as an engaged international citizen, supportive of a safer and more prosperous world, by investing in international development and peace and security programs.

International Re-engagement

This Government is committed to strengthening Canada’s place in the world by re-energizing its efforts to engage with the United Nations and other international partners. This will lead to improved trade, economic growth and support for those who need it most such as the middle class and those working hard to join it.

Defending Canada

A modern and well-equipped Canadian Armed Forces is needed to ensure the security of Canadians and to contribute to international peace and security. To ensure that funding is available when key capital acquisitions will be made, the Government will reallocate funding of $3.716 billion for large-scale capital projects from the 2015–16 to 2020–21 period to future years. This funding is being shifted into future years to align with the timing of major equipment acquisitions.

Through Budget 2016, the Government will also undertake infrastructure projects at Canadian Armed Forces Bases and other defence properties across Canada to ensure that personnel and their families have the support they need, including safe and modern facilities in which to live, work and train.

The Government will conduct an open and transparent process to create a new defence strategy that will deliver a modern, more agile, better-equipped military. Over the course of 2016, the Government will seek the input of Canadians, experts, allies and partners, and Parliament on a new defence strategy.

The Government has committed $5 billion to re-engage with the world. These measures demostrate that a more peaceful and prosperous world can only be obtained through a long-term vision. Previously annouced measures include:

Expanding Immigration

Canada’s history has been shaped by immigration. Immigrants bring unique cultures and perspectives, and make distinctive contributions to Canadian society and the economy. That is why the Government recently announced a target of 300,000 for permanent resident admissions in 2016. With this new target level, Canada will reunite families, offer a place of refuge to those fleeing persecution and support Canada’s long-term economic prosperity. Budget 2016 builds on this commitment by demonstrating continued leadership with respect to the Syrian refugee crisis and by making family reunification a priority under Canada’s immigration policy.

Expanding Canada’s Intake of Syrian Refugees

Canadians have been deeply affected by the refugee crisis in Syria and the surrounding region, and have expressed the desire to help. In November 2015, the Government showed leadership by committing $678 million over six years, starting in 2015–2016, to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by February 29, 2016, and by committing to resettle an additional 10,000 government-assisted Syrian refugees over the course of 2016. Budget 2016 will provide $245 million over five years for the identification, overseas processing, transportation and resettlement of the additional 10,000 Syrian refugees.

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