Budget 2017 in 3 Minutes


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Budget 2017 – Building a Strong Middle Class

Skills, Innovation and Middle Class Jobs

  • Equip workers with the skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow, and secure Canada's place as a world-leading centre for innovation

Communities Built for Change

  • Invest in our communities, and create jobs and growth

A Strong Canada at Home and in the World

  • Invest in health and wellness, inclusion and opportunity, and the safety and security of Canadians

Tax Fairness for the Middle Class

  • Ensure that everyone pays their fair share, while making the tax system more effective and efficient

Equal Opportunity

  • Budget 2017 includes Canada's first ever Budget Gender Statement

"...balancing the need to make investments while preserving Canada's fiscal strength..."

Skills, Innovation and Middle Class Jobs

Helping Young Canadians Succeed

$221 million to target 10,000 work-integrated placements for post-secondary students

$396 million to expand employment opportunities for young Canadians

Making Employment Insurance More Flexible for Families and Workers

$1 billion to make parental benefits more flexible, create a new caregiving benefit and support training

Lifelong Learning: Supporting Working Canadians

$454 million to help working adults upgrade their skills

Over $2.7 billion invested in skills training and support through the Labour Market Transfer Agreements

The Innovation and Skills Plan

  • Make training opportunities more accessible to working Canadians
  • Increase the number of Canadians participating in work-integrated learning
  • Help young Canadians get the experience and skills they need to get a good job
Research, Technology & Commercialization
  • Making big bets and increasing investment in 6 key areas – advanced manufacturing, agri-food, clean technology, digital industries, health/bio-sciences and clean resources
  • Business-led innovation "superclusters"
  • World class research: quantum computing, stem cells, artificial intelligence
Investment and Scale
  • Double the number of high-growth companies from 14,000 to 28,000 by 2025
  • Increase the availability of late-stage venture capital for growing firms
  • Grow Canada's exports by 30% by 2025
Program Simplification
  • Innovation Canada – single toolbox of support for all innovation-related programs
  • Review innovation programs across departments to consider how they might be consolidated & simplified

Communities Built For Change

$81 billion in funding over the next 11 years – including:

$20 billion for better public transit systems

$7 billion for stronger, more efficient trade corridors

Over $11 billion for a National Housing Strategy

$7 billion to invest in early learning and child care

$9 billion for bilateral agreements with provinces and territories to support green infrastructure

Innovative Delivery

Launch the Smart Cities Challenge Fund

Create the Canada Infrastructure Bank

A Strong Canada at Home and In the World

Stronger Health Care

$11 billion in new funding to support home care and mental health

$828 million to improve health outcomes for Indigenous Peoples

Further Partnerships With Indigenous Peoples

  • A further $2.6 billion over five years for Indigenous Peoples, including infrastructure, post-secondary education and training, and support for language and culture

Upholding Canada's Place in the World

$250 million for multilateral engagement in Asia through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Innovative solutions to development through $300 million capitalization of the Development Finance Institution

Greater Support for Veterans and Their Families

Ensuring the Tax System Is Fair

  • Closing tax loopholes
  • Reviewing tax planning strategies involving private corporations
  • Combatting tax evasion and tax avoidance by providing additional resources to the Canada Revenue Agency, and implementing international recommendations


Building a Better, More Efficient Tax System

  • Improving tax relief for individuals and families through a new Canada Caregiver Credit
  • Improving existing tax measures for persons with disabilities and students
  • Eliminating measures that are no longer relevant or efficient, and making other measures more consistent

Equal Opportunity: Budget 2017's Gender Statement

Budget 2017 highlights:

Major investments in early learning and child care – supporting women's labour market participation

Targeted programs to help remove barriers to success where gender imbalances persist – including by promoting interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Over $100 million for a National Strategy to Address Gender-Based Violence

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