Chapter 2 - Progress - Text Version

Figure 2.1: Research is the Engine That Powers an Innovative Economy

A flowchart showing how research activities supported through Budget 2018 help to create a brighter future for Canadians.
Information is grouped into four categories. These are: the results of activities undertaken in Budget 2018, attracts, enables, and creates. Each has a number of items associated with it.

Activities undertaken through Budget 2018




Figure 2.2: Canada Is a Beacon to Researchers Around the World

A circular diagram showing the factors that attract researchers to Canada making Canada a beacon to researchers from around the world. The diagram is composed of an inner and outer circle. The outer circle lists what is being drawn to Canada by the four categories listed in the inner circle.

Listed in the outer circle

Listed in the inner circle

Funding for Researchers

Welcoming Environment

Modern Vision

Capital and Equipment

Figure 2.3: Simplifying Access to Innovation Programs

Illustration of Innovation Canada as the single-point of entry to the Government’s four flagship innovation support “platforms” and how they are located within the business support landscape along three dimensions of support. These “platforms” are the Industrial Research Assistance Program, the Strategic Innovation Fund, the regional development agencies, and the Trade Commissioner Service.

Areas of business support overlap somewhat between the Strategic Innovation Fund, the Industrial Research Assistance Program, and the regional development agencies.

Technology Adoption

The first “platform” supporting technology adoption projects is the regional development agencies for project values predominately up to $10 million, with some greater. The Industrial Research Assistance Program also provides some support for technology adoption projects up to a maximum of $10 million. The Strategic Innovation Fund, predominately supports technology adoption projects greater than $10 million.

Research and Development

Export Services are supported by the Trade Commissioner Service.

Figure 2.4: Simplified Program Suite

An illustration of the simplification of the business innovation program suite showing the number of business innovation programs being reduced by up to two‑thirds. The is illustrated in the left-hand panel through 92 scattered squares, captioned with “92”, representing the current number of business innovation programs, with an arrow pointing to the right‑hand panel of the image, showing fewer and more neatly organized squares, captioned by “up to a two‑thirds reduction in programs”.

Figure 2.5: Women Entrepreneurship Strategy

The Government’s new Women Entrepreneurship Strategy takes a comprehensive approach and addresses women-led companies’ needs throughout their growth cycle.

Helping women-owned businesses grow

Business skills, mentorship, networking, procurement opportunities

Improving access to federal business innovation programming

A universal goal to improve participation of underrepresented groups in the innovation economy

Increasing access to capital

Growth and export financing, venture capital

Enhancing data and knowledge

Improved data, knowledge, best practices

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