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Figure 2.1 : Value of Investing in Canada Plan Projects Approved Across Canada

A map of Canada showing the federal funding contribution of approved infrastructure projects in each province and territory under the Government's Investing in Canada plan.

Figure 2.1 : Value of Investing in Canada Plan Projects Approved Across Canada
Province or territory Value of projects approved
British Columbia $3,561,089,954
Alberta $3,186,572,365
Saskatchewan $804,412,931
Manitoba $1,311,167,237
Quebec $3,914,583,853
Ontario $4,908,007,112
Yukon $158,208,933
Northwest Territories $314,682,051
Nunavut $271,551,366
Nova Scotia $365,009,059
Newfoundland and Labrador $197,038,591
New Brunswick $235,095,847
Prince Edward Island $77,503,964

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Figure 2.4 :Technologies That Are Bringing High-Speed Internet to Canadians

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Figure 2.5 : Support for Canada's Arctic and Northern Communities

A map of northern Canada showing how funding announced in Budget 2019 to support Arctic and Northern communities can be organized under four different themes, which include people, infrastructure, science and environment and economic development.  Under each theme is a list of activities that are proposed with funding announced or highlighted in Budget 2019.

People - Activities include expanded post-secondary education options, nutritious and affordable food and improved health and well-being.

Infrastructure - Activities include more infrastructure, cleaner energy and high-speed Internet access.

Science and environment - Activities include increased science support and infrastructure and conserving the Arctic environment. Economic development - Activities include innovation and business growth and resource development.

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Figure 2.6 : Helping Firms at Every Stage of Growth

Figure illustrating four flagship programs at Innovation Canada along the stages of the innovation continuum.

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