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Chart 2.2

Sources of Funds for Co-Funded Infrastructure Projects
(Based on a $500 Million Infrastructure Project)
millions of dollars
Traditional funding model Canada Infrastructure Bank
(based on 4:1 leverage ratio)
Private Sector - $400.0
Federal $166.7 $33.3
Provincial/territorial $166.7 $33.3
Municipal $166.7 $33.3

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Chart 3.1B

Evolution of the IMF Global Growth Outlook: "Global economic activity has yet to pick up as predicted"

The chart shows the IMF's annual global real gross domestic product growth forecasts as published every April from 2011 to 2016 and again in October 2016. The period covered by the IMF's global growth forecasts starts with the year of publication and ends in 2017 (2016 in the case of the April 2011 outlook). The chart illustrates that each April since 2012, and again in October 2016, the IMF revised down its global growth forecast, as the pace of global growth failed to pick up as predicted. This indicates that the global economy has repeatedly underperformed since 2012 relative to the IMF's expectations.

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Chart 3.2 B

Investment as a Share of GDP: "Sluggish world trade growth and low investment have hampered economic activity since the global financial crisis"

The chart shows the ratio of total investment to GDP for the following regions: world, advanced economies, and emerging economies. The chart covers the period from 2002 to 2015, during which time the share of investment in GDP has consistently been higher for emerging economies than for advanced economies. The chart illustrates that prior to the Great Recession in 2008, the investment-to-GDP ratio had been rising for both advanced economies and emerging economies. While this ratio has continued to rise for emerging economies, it fell significantly for advanced economies during the Great Recession. Although it rebounded somewhat in 2010 and 2011, the investment-to-GDP ratio for advanced economies has since levelled off and remains below its pre-recession level.

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