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Budget 2011 (March 22, 2011) was tabled in the House of Commons but was not adopted prior to the dissolution of Parliament on March 26, 2011.

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Budget 2011 - Video and Transcript

In response to the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression, we introduced Canada’s Economic Action Plan. Our plan succeeded. Since July 2009, over 480,000 jobs have been created and our economy is on the road to recovery.

With the next phase of our Economic Action Plan, we will continue to focus on creating good, high-paying jobs for Canadians while ensuring our future economic prosperity.

Our Plan invests in the key drivers of economic growth.

It takes action to:

  • support job creation;
  • support families and communities;
  • invest in innovation, education and training; and
  • preserve Canada’s fiscal advantage.

I encourage all Canadians to find out more on what our plan will do to help you and your loved ones in the years ahead. Please visit to learn about measures such as the new Children’s Arts Tax Credit. Or if you own your own small-business you can learn more about measures that will help you hire more Canadians.

Whatever is in it for you, I know that the next phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan will help guide our Canadian economy as we look to the future. Thank you.